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Food With Benefits (“FWB”) – Code of conduct and business ethics

FWB’s Code of Conduct (“Code”) serves as the primary means by which our organization communicates its expectations for ethical behavior on behalf of any customers, vendors, or users of FWB and FWB services, and serves as a guide in FWB’s ongoing efforts to provide the best products and services to its customers.  

This Code is in place in order to:   
a. Promote honest and ethical conduct; 

b. Promote compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules, and regulations;  

c. Promote fair dealings;  

d. Deter wrongdoing; and  

e. Ensure accountability and adherence to the Code. 


Code of Conduct and Prohibited Activities: 

Core to FWB’s code of conduct is a commitment to the principles of honesty, integrity, and ethical decision making. All customers, vendors, and users of FWB and FWB services are required to comply with this Code, our policies, and act in compliance with applicable laws. It is essential to understand the provisions of this Code as we all have the responsibility to uphold it. Compliance with the provisions of this Code is not optional but rather key in continuing FWB’s commitment to its core values and ability to maintain its status as a worldwide trusted brand.   

Consequently, we must stress that all FWB customers, vendors, and users of FWB services must conform to the principles stated in this Code and agree to the following:  

1. Ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements of their respective local and national governments.  

2. Not engage in any false or misleading advertising or make any disparaging statements about competitors or their products or their services.  

3. Comply with their local tax laws and regulations and abide by such rules that are relevant in their jurisdictions as it pertains to their activities and purchases from FWB.  

4. Not engage in any public discussions or making any comments in a way that may be perceived as a statement or opinion from FWB. Customers, vendors, and users of services agree that they are responsible for their use of and communications of such information.   

5. Convey professionalism in any statements that are made and be tolerant and respectful of others ideas and their rights. 

6. Not use the information on any items sold by FWB to diagnose or treat any health issues or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.   

7. Not make any medical claims or any claims that misrepresent products sold by FWB.  

8. Provide accurate, true, complete and current information  

9. Not to use any of FWB’s platforms or any information contained on any of our platforms or products FWB sells for any unlawful purposes.    

10. Not to post or transmit any unlawful, infringing, defamatory, obscene, indecent, threatening, offensive or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including any material that encourages illegal conduct or conduct that would encourage civil liability, infringe on another's intellectual property rights or otherwise violates any applicable local, state, national or international law.  

11. Not alter any material or add any additional information which may be misleading to customers  

12. Not use names or likenesses in a matter implying a person’s or company’s endorsement or sponsorship of, or commercial association with FWB.  

13. Promptly remove any information or materials in relation to products or services that are no longer advertised, sold or provided by FWB.   

14. Not include, display, or otherwise use links or content which contain or have a connection to malicious or harmful code, or any application not knowingly and expressly authorized by users prior to being downloaded. 



FWB takes adherence to this Code seriously and as a result wants to stress that the responsibility to report misconduct applies to everyone. Consequently, if any FWB employees, vendors, stakeholders, customers or users of FWB services become aware of a conduct that may be in violation of this Code, then they should report such conduct in accordance the reporting channels listed below. You can report possible violations of this Code by sending an email to with specifics on the abuse, a link to the page, screenshot, and the reason you believe it violates this Code. FWB will then assign the matter to the appropriate internal investigative team for review and appropriate steps.  


Prohibition Against Retaliation  

FWB will not tolerate any retribution or retaliation taken against any person who has, in good faith, provided information or otherwise assisted in an investigation or proceeding regarding any questionable or allegedly unethical or illegal behavior or any behavior that goes against the provisions stated in this Code.  



In conclusion, FWB reiterates its commitment to this Code and the basic tenets of the organization to act with fairness. Consequently, in order to assist our customers, vendors, and other stakeholders to utilize the opportunities provided by the use of the Internet and our various platforms, we strive to instill the notion of fairness in every aspect of our business operations and decision making. Such fairness means that we not only respect fair competition, but we also value compliance within the regulatory environment, and always stress the importance of clear and accurate information. It is only with the application of the principles set forth in this Code that FWB can continue its growth as a globally renowned and well respected company that provides trusted products and services to its customers all over the world. 

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