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about food with benefits

Food With Benefits, based at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as well as Hong Kong Science Park, is a Hong Kong food-tech startup driven by a mission to offer innovative and sustainable food options. We believe in sharing joy with people and our planet through functional food products that make a positive impact on both personal health and the environment.

Food With Benefits Smoothie

Our Founders

Our founders, passionate fitness enthusiasts, were confronted with the challenges of eating healthy in Hong Kong. They realized that access to nutritious food was limited and often costly. Simultaneously, their deep concern for food waste prompted them to take action. They discovered that surplus fruits were being discarded at various stages of the supply chain, from farms to consumer shelves. This realization inspired them to create a solution that would address both issues—ensuring accessible, healthy options while reducing food waste.


At Food With Benefits, we tackle food waste directly at its source. Instead of allowing surplus fruits to go to waste, we source them from farms. These fruits, while perfectly nutritious, are typically discarded due to oversupply or aesthetic preferences. By rescuing them, we not only prevent waste but also make a positive impact on the environment.

Food With Benefits Smoothie

Made with imperfect produce

Food waste does not only come from restaurants and retailers but also from farms. Many fruits are wasted simply because of their ugly appearance or over-supply, yet they are tasty and nutritious, just like the “fresh” fruits. Therefore, we utilize as much imperfect produce as possible to reduce waste at the farm stage. ​


Indeed, 40% of fruits and vegetables are wasted even before they reach restaurants and retail shops due to their vulnerability. By freeze-drying fruits at their peak freshness and transforming them into long-lasting smoothie powder, we are able to rescue and repurpose these vulnerable fruits. Join us in our mission to make a difference. Together, we can contribute to a healthier planet by reimagining the way we view and consume fruits and vegetables.



Qianhai Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023​

HKSTP Incubation Program

HKUST Entrepreneurship Development Fund​

Chan Dang Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award​

2nd Prize in the 8th Hong Kong University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition ​

2nd Prize in the 9th Hong Kong University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition ​




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