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Nutrition Simplified

Elevate your health with our convenient smoothie powders. Packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Good for you and the planet.

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Our SUSTAINABLE Smoothie Powder

All-Natural fruits & veggies 

Food With Benefits Smoothie

Nature's Delight in Every Sip

We capture the vibrant flavors and essential nutrients of fresh fruits at their peak by freeze-drying them. With our 100% natural and nutritious smoothies, you'll experience a burst of goodness with every sip.

Food With Benefits Smoothie

Blend Up Joy Anywhere, Anytime

Indulge in the goodness of 2-3 servings of fruits with a single shake, no matter where life takes you. Our delicious smoothies are the perfect on-the-go treat!

Food With Benefits Smoothies

Saving the Planet, One Sip at a Time!

Embrace imperfection and fight food waste from the start. Our smoothies are crafted using surplus fruits, reducing waste right from the farm. By freeze-drying these fruits, we extend their shelf life, preventing food waste in the supply chain.


Rich in fiber from real fruits and vegetables


Prevent around 400g of fruit waste per pack


No added additives, sugar or preservatives


Drink instantly with no blender needed



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Food With Benefits Smoothie

Grab your favorite smoothie flavors now on HKTVmall. Elevate your nutrition and taste buds with our delicious and nutritious smoothie powders.

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Food With Benefits Smoothie
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Food With Benefits Smoothie


Food With Benefits Smoothie Powder
Food With Benefits Smoothie Powder
Food With Benefits Smoothie Powder
Food With Benefits Smoothie Powder
Food With Benefits Smoothie Powder

Stella Kung

"It's just so convenient that I can diretctly shake the powder with water. Very suitable for busy people like me."

Thomas Wong

"It actually tastes very fresh and you don't feel like it's made from powder.”

Connie Tam

"The sustainable concept behind is really nice. I love how this smoothie can help reduce waste."

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